North Forty Farm

North Forty Farm is our old homestead. Originally an experiment in self reliance and basic living, our homestead was built using a chainsaw, hand-tools and common sense. Being off the road system, supplies were hauled in by dogs or the sweat of our brows. The idea was not to eschew technology, but to develop a rudimentary understanding of life without modern conveniences; to de-clutter our lives and find meaning without distraction. With its log barns and rough rail fences, our homestead was carved out of the boreal forest, and remains a primitive, in-sync with nature farmstead.

Homestead life gave us the chance to learn about the abundance of useful wild plants in Alaska’s interior. Living well off the road system, gave us the opportunity to conveniently harvest wild medicinal herbs in an environment that was untainted by polluted runoff or machinery exhaust. We still harvest our wild herbs away from potentially polluted locations, including at our old North Forty Farm homestead, to ensure a product that is pure and untainted by anthropogenic pollution.

The long boreal winter gave us lots of time to develop some natural hand crafts, as well as an amazing birch syrup/cranberry granola. Natural birch bark gift pots are made with bark that is a by product of firewood cutting.

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