Arctic Roots Farm grows all its produce (vegetables and fruit) without the use of chemical pesticides, chemical herbicides or non-organic fertilizers. We control weeds by cultivation and mechanical methods only, and pests are limited by companion planting, tea sprays made from rhubarb leaf or home-grown tobacco, and/or encouragement of beneficial species such as Ladybugs. We fertilize the soil with compost and compost teas produced on the farm or, when periodic nutrient adjustment to the soil is necessary, we use only certified organic fertilizers produced by California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. During the production season, our produce can be purchased from the Arctic Roots Farm booth at the Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or at the Farm on Sundays.

Check out the “Market” page for availability at the Market!


Beans * Beets * Broccoli * Cabbage * Carrots * Cauliflower * Celery * Cucumbers * Garlic * Garlic Scape * Horseradish * Kohlrabi * Lettuce * Onions * Peas * Peppers * Potatoes * Pumpkin * Radish * Rhubarb * Shallots * Squash * Sweet Potato * Tomatoes * Tomatillos * Zucchini


Bush Green Bean
Long (5-6”), dark green color. Full balanced flavor, fresh or frozen.




Red Ace
Round, smooth, deep red root. Sweet and tender, fresh or cooked.




Dark Red
The standard for beets, originally developed in 1892. Blood red 2-3” root is an excellent choice for canning or sliced fresh.

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Heads are medium-sized, green and well domed. Fresh florets are a nice size for dipping.


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Farao Green Cabbage
Deep green, 3-5 pound heads. Tender, thin, crisp, peppery-sweet leaves.




Red Express
Compact, purple/red heads with good appearance and flavor.

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Dark orange, tapered root. Sweet and tender, smooth and uniform. High in beta-carotene, an antioxidant and important source of vitamin A.

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Skywalker White
Uniform, white, medium-sized heads. Great for fresh veggie trays, dipping or in cheese dishes.




Brilliant purple, medium-sized heads. The colorful florets are attractive served raw with dip or as a cooked vegetable.


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Nutritious long, green, crisp stalks with a cool, but robust flavor. Delicious raw, in salads, or cooked in soups or stews.


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Straight Eight
One of the oldest cucumber varieties. Deep green, 6-8” cylindrical fruits. Excellent for canning or slicing fresh.


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German White
A porcelain hardneck variety with a distinctive, moderately spicy flavor that will stand out in any fresh salsa.




Siberian Red
Great tasting bulb that caramelizes well when roasted. Delicate, mild flavor that compliments other flavors without overwhelming them. Good in stir fries, sauces and soup where just a hint of flavor is desired.



Khabar (Red)
This garlic is mild and creamy when baked, good in mashed potatoes. It also has a nice flavor raw, with the heat easing into a burst of flavor.

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Garlic Scape:

This is the flower bud of a garlic plant. They taste just like garlic with a fresh green flavor. The oils caramelize nicely when sautéed. The scape is usually available for a limited time in mid to late June. A favorite ingredient for pesto.

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Horseradish: Video

This pungent, spicy root can be ground in a food-processor for use in making horseradish sauces. Please see our Recipes page.


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Green baseball-sized head. Richer and slightly sweeter than most varieties.


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Jericho Romaine

Blonde and bright light-green with a crisp spring flavor.




Red Cross Butterhead
Bright red with large, fancy leaves. Adds accent and flavor to any salad.


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Patterson Yellow
Large (3-4”), round, yellow onion. Stores extremely well. Good fresh or cooked. Not too sweet and not too strong.




Green Onion
These can be used fresh to add color and a mild onion flavor to your favorite dishes. They are also delicious grilled whole.

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Super Sugarsnap
Crisp with well balanced sweetness. Delicious snacking vegetable, plain or with a dip.


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Peppers (see our Peppers, Peppers… page for more info on our peppers):

SWEET – Mini Orange Bell, Cal Wonder, and Carmen.





HOT-Anaheim Poblano, Big Jim NuMex Heritage, Hatch Green, Havasu, Jalapeño, Serrano Tampiqueño, Fatalii, Chocolate Habañero, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost), and Carolina Reaper.



When in season, we are roasting chilies at the

Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market


…while supplies last.

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Yukon Gold
Slightly waxy, velvety and moist; subtly sweet; rich; buttery; medium-sugar content. Preferred uses: roasting, grilling, salads and mashing.



Chieftain Red
Waxy, moist, smooth and creamy; subtly sweet; mild medium sugar content. Preferred uses: roasting, mashing, salads, soups and stews.



French Fingerling
Waxy, firm and dry; buttery, nutty and earthy; medium sugar content. Preferred uses: pan frying, roasting and salads.



Swedish Peanut
Waxy, firm and dry; buttery, nutty and earthy; medium sugar content. Preferred uses: pan frying, roasting and salads.



All Blue
Moist, firm flesh; high starch content with floury texture; earthy, nutty, low sugar content. Preferred uses: roasting, grilling, salads and baking.


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Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are a fall tradition, and we hope to be able to produce these rich tubers for the market by late August or early September.


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Blocky, heavy, midsize pumpkin with great looking ribs and dark green handle. Typically 5-15 pounds.


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Rudolf Round Radish
Bright red, smooth, round root. Uniform with good flavor.




French Breakfast Radish
Cylindrical rose colored with white tip. White, crisp flesh, and mildly pungent flavor.


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Stalks are red and/or green with a crisp, celery-like texture. The strong, tart taste can be enjoyed raw, or blended with other fruits in jams or pies. Rhubarb is high in pectin and can be used to help thicken jams.

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Blanca White
One to two inches in diameter with a mild oniony flavor.




Yellow Ambition
French shallot, teardrop-shaped, reddish-brown exterior with pure white interior. Delectable, mild flavor.




Red Apache
Beautiful red bulbs with a slightly stronger flavor than most shallots.


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Squash, Winter:

Honey Bear Acorn
Small to medium sized acorn fruits are just the right size for single servings when halved. Deliciously starchy, sweet flavor.

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Great flavor for an early variety. 1½” bright red fruits are juicy and delicious straight out of the garden.




Red Siberian
Early red tomato propagated specifically for cool weather climates. Fruits are 2” with a hearty tomato flavor.




Sun Gold
Beautiful, plump, tangerine colored fruits are very sweet and juicy.


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Toma Verde
Large, flat-round green fruits. Firmer, spicier, and more sour than a tomato. Use in salsa or Mexican cooking.


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Black Beauty
Dark green exterior with creamy white flesh. Extremely tender. Delicious when sliced and served fresh, fried, steamed or simmered.

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These special variety and grafted trees produce a small green and red, sharp, but pleasantly sour fruit. Snack on fresh apples or use in pies and pastries.



Black Currant:

Flavor is often associated with healthy cordials such as Ribena. These have a concentrated blackberry flavor and are excellent for making rich jams and jellies.




These little gems have balanced sweet and sour, full cherry taste. Very palatable fresh for a tart cherry. Makes delicious pies and pastries.




While many don’t care for the astringency of the fresh berries; the small, black cherry-type fruit makes delicious traditional jellies and syrup.




A member of the honeysuckle family, this elongated blue fruit has a unique, almost indescribable flavor, with a sweet blueberry undertone. Great in jams, jellies or fresh.




These small plums from specially grafted trees by Clair Lammers have a succulent, full plum flavor. These are always best fresh.




These are big, juicy berries with a good balance of sweetness and sour. Great fresh or in jams.



Saskatoon/Service Berry/Juneberry:

A small round purple berry. Very sweet taste like a mixture of cherries, almonds and grapes. This powerful antioxidant fruit makes excellent syrups or additions to other fruit jams and jellies.


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