Peppers, Peppers…

Arctic Roots Farm is expanding it’s variety of peppers that will be available as of the 2017 produce season. We are producing sweet bell peppers, several varieties of Anaheim and Hatch peppers, Serrano, Poblano, Jalapeño, and Havasu. We are also producing some super-hot peppers: Fatalii, Jolokia Ghost, and the 2016 world’s hottest, Carolina Reaper. As soon as the peppers are ripe, we provide flame roasting every Saturday at the Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market. Roasted peppers can easily be frozen, so that you can enjoy that fresh roasted taste year-round.


Mini Orange Bell
Snack-sized pepper. Tender, crisp, super sweet and nearly seedless. Perfect for vegetable trays, used with dips, stuffed with goat cheese, baked or grilled on skewers.

Cal Wonder
The standard in green bell peppers. Crisp and crunchy with a terrific sweet and mild flavor.

Italian sweet pepper that’s perfect for roasting (we can roast for you). Long bull’s horn shape with sweet full flavor from the time they form as green or variegated with chocolate brown and red. Deep red when fully ripe and richly sweet.


(Listed mildest to hottest in Scoville Units. A Scoville Unit is a measure of the spicy heat as a function of capsaicin concentration.)


Anaheim (500-1,000 Scoville Units):
Big, fleshy milder variety of Hatch, developed in the Anaheim area of California in the 1920’s.

Poblano (1,000-2,000 Scoville Units):
Fresh green poblanos make some of the best chili relleños because of their mild heat and heart-like shape. Simply roast (we can do this for you), peel, stuff, batter and deep fry.


Big Jim NuMex Heritage (2,000-4,000 Scoville Units):
Tasty medium heat chili. Good for stuffed relleños. Place a strip of cheddar in roasted (we can do this for you) chili, dip in flour batter and fry until golden brown.

Hatch Green (4,000 Scoville Units):
This is the original Hatch chili with authentic green chili flavor and mild heat. If you like Hatch peppers, you’ll love these.


Havasu (3,000-5,000 Scoville Units):
Santa Fe type pepper, thick-walled and cone shaped. Great for stuffing, frying or pickling. Also makes nice spicy chili relleños.

Jalapeño (7,000-9,000 Scoville Units):
Thick flesh and spicy flavor. Good fresh in salsas, sliced into rings on nachos or pickled for later use.


Serrano Tampiqueño (15,000-25,000 Scoville Units):
Slim little pepper with a kick. Makes a spicy fresh salsa when chopped with tomatoes, white onions and cilantro. Toss with lime juice and salt.



Fatalii (300,000 Scoville Units):
Super hot tapered yellow fruit with citrus pepper flavor. Hotter than most Habañero varieties. This pepper will give your sauce or salsa a serious kick.

Chocolate Habañero (325,000-400,000 Scoville Units):
Also known as Congo Black, this pepper has a delicious flavor that is not found in other habañeros. It is sweet, fresh and tastes good before the heat. Don’t be fooled. This pepper packs extreme heat when it kicks in.


Bhut Jolokia Ghost (1,000,000-1,400,000 Scoville Units):
Use extreme caution handling this pepper. The heat is beyond extreme. This landrace pepper from India is named after the Indian Cobra. The fierce bite of the pepper is like the venom of this highly venomous snake.

Carolina Reaper (>1,500,000 Scoville Units):
Warning: this is the hottest pepper in the world and requires extreme care in handling. Only pepper spray has more capsaicin. Be prepared for pain and an intense endorphin rush.

For more information on peppers, check out the

Big List of Hot Peppers Page.


When in season we are roasting chilies at the
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