What an Amazing Season

Fall is already upon us, and as usual the summer seems to have evaporated just as we were getting in the groove of it. This summer, in particular, has raced by for us due to all the changes we’ve experienced; getting used to the rhythm of this farm, as well as expanding and adjusting operations to suit our goals. The farm is again home to laying hens including fifty new pullets, a flock of ducks and ducklings, a horse, a goat, a rabbit and a herd of six yaks. A couple of the sheep will also be staying, but for the moment we will forgo the partridge in a pear tree.

The produce garden that Chris and Nancy developed works beautifully. Quite a bit of thought and planning went into the original set-up, which allows for a wide variety of produce items to be grown. We couldn’t be more pleased with the efficiency and productivity of the garden and greenhouse. We spent many early mornings to late evenings cultivating and harvesting the bounty that this farm produces. Keeping things natural and organic is a lot of work, but the rewards are immense.


As many of you know we are not going to be raising sheep, but instead have chosen to raise yaks for meat and fiber. So we have been working hard, in between everything else, to adjust the livestock infrastructure to manage these beautiful, wild looking, yet pastoral creatures. We currently have a bull, three cows and two one-month old calves. We have plans to grow the herd to between fifteen and twenty head, with a goal of producing extra-lean, grass fed, beef-like meat to the community.


Successful farming requires forward thinking, and as we wrap-up this summer season and button-up for winter, we are already planning for next season. Garlic is being planted, yaks are being bred, compost is being spread, and seed orders are being prepared. Soon we’ll be grooming the cross-country ski trails and hosting guests for northern lights tourism…and the cycle continues.

We have met so many wonderful people and developed new friendships by being involved with the Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market, selling hay, operating the bed & breakfast, and just being here at the farm as people stop by to share our experience. Thank you, Fairbanks, for the blessings of friendship and community. What a wonderful place in which we live.