A New Chapter

As you may already know, Chris and Nancy have sold Arctic Roots Farm and we (Jim and Amanda Huddleston) have been hired to operate the farm and manage the Bed & Breakfast.  Amanda and I, along with our daughter Kalei, moved to Alaska in July of 2008 and purchased an off-the-road-system, 40 acre homestead about 10 miles west of Ester. We have spent the last eight years developing a farm primarily using a chainsaw and hand tools. On our farm we raised chickens, ducks, dairy and meat goats, and pigs.  We developed gardens and barley/oat fields and cut grass hay for feed with a scythe. We hauled our supplies, as well as hay and firewood using a dog team.  It has been fun to experience doing all this without electricity or running water, but now we’re ready to upgrade.

We could not be more thrilled with the opportunity to operate this beautiful and productive farm that Chris and Nancy spent so much time and energy developing. We have been producing small amounts of produce, eggs, and harvested wild herbs for sale under our homestead name, North Forty Farm.  Our focus has been to provide foods and medicinal herbs that are non-GMO, cultivated and/or harvested in an organic fashion, and when possible grown from heirloom/open-pollinated seed varieties.  Our philosophy fits well with Chris and Nancy’s goal of providing healthy, quality foods to the local Fairbanks community.  We intend to honor their tradition and to expand in ways that meet the community’s growing demand for high quality, wholesome locally grown food.  We will continue to offer wild and cultivated culinary and medicinal herbs through North Forty Farm.

Along with our expanded experience in farming, we are operating the Onig’s Cabin and Farm Cottage Bed & Breakfast.  We are looking forward to hosting travelers from around the globe, and sharing the farm, as well as some of our unique experiences in beautiful interior Alaska.

Chris and Nancy have been very generous in sharing their time and knowledge of the farm operations during the transition period. We thank them and wish them well in their future endeavors.  We look forward to seeing you at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market at our Arctic Roots Farm/North Forty Farm booths, or just stop by the farm.  Check this page for updates, or find our verified pages on Facebook at Arctic Roots Farm or North Forty Farm.

Jim, Amanda and Kalei