Trails & Activities

Summer activities on the farm include hands-on interaction with the livestock and nature walks through the fields and on-site wooded trails. Guests are encouraged to wander the grounds and explore the produce garden, orchard and greenhouse. The cabins have decks with gas grills for barbequing and enjoying the relaxing country atmosphere. Picnic tables are provided closer to the field so that guests might enjoy the evening sun while the yaks graze peacefully in the adjacent pasture. Information about other local activities and be found on the Local Attractions/Links page.

Winter activities include hiking, skiing and snow-shoeing the on-site trails through the fields and the woods along Steele Creek. Of course the long winter nights make aurora viewing a popular activity, and the wide open fields at Arctic Roots Farm provide an excellent viewing and photographic location. The horses and yaks, sheep and goat, are always up for interaction with guests of the farm, and on warmer days the geese and ducks will be out waddling through the snow. If you’re staying in Onig’s Cabin, firewood is available for a cozy fire to warm-up after a busy day exploring the boreal winter landscape. Equipment rentals are conveniently available within minutes of the farm. For other winter activity information see the Local Attractions/Links page.

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