Farm History

Until 2007, the Gamble’s lived on the homestead, raising their family and grew a variety of crops. Half of the original homestead was sold with an additional six acres subdivided from the remaining homestead acreage for family homes. Chris DuBois and Nancy Davidian then purchased the remaining 74 acres.  In October 2009, after the major renovation of a 1300 square foot log cabin on the farm, they opened Onig’s Cabin, a bed & breakfast. In January 2010, they completed the renovation of a second home and opened The Farm Cottage, another bed & breakfast. Their work over the last ten years clearing and developing the property resulted in what is popularly known as Arctic Roots Farm today.

Currently, Arctic Roots Farm is our home where we live with our daughter Kalei. We currently raise brome hay on 25 acres, provide vegetable and fruit produce to a local Farmer’s Market, raise yaks for future meat and fiber, raise ducks, geese and chickens for eggs and meat, and provide a comfortable residence for horses, sheep and a goat. Our goal is to supply the local community with non-GMO fruit and vegetable produce, culinary and medicinal herbs, and farm fresh eggs, all produced by organic methods. We will continue to provide wild herbs and berries through our North Forty Farm brand. As we continue to develop the farm infrastructure, we will gradually adjust the farm production to meet community demand.




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