Barnyard, Garden & Orchard

The barnyard is home base for all of the farm animals except the yaks, who naturally eschew modern conveniences. The horse, sheep and goat have year-round access to the stalls and barn facilities for shelter from the elements, as well as abundant pasture for grazing and exercise. All of the fowl are housed in a separate large insulated coop, also with year-round access to the barnyard pasture and covered open-air paddocks. Pools are provided for the ducks and geese in the summer, but future plans include the construction of a permanent duck pond, which will enhance the diet of natural forage and provide enjoyment for the ducks and geese as well as duck and goose watchers.

The main barn is a collapsible structure that was moved to the property in the 1980’s and has a history with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline construction, reportedly as housing the Laundromat at Pump Station Number 5. This building has been modified with livestock stalls and handling facilities and serves as storage space for hay and equipment.

Visitors are welcome to wander the barn and barnyard facilities and interact with the animals in observance of posted rules.

Garden & Orchard
The produce garden and orchard is fenced with a 7-foot tall moose fence which also contains a 20 by 40 foot high-tunnel and 20 by 40 foot greenhouse. Produce and herbs are grown and crops rotated among the outdoor beds and the high-tunnel and greenhouse space to provide maximum yield of quality, organically grown foods. Vegetable and plant residue are combined with onsite animal manure in the production of a continuous supply of garden compost. When nutrient supplements cannot be supplied by on-site production, we use only certified organic fertilizers from California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. Potting soils are organic and mixed on-site or provided by Risse Greenhouse in Fairbanks.

Greenhouse and high-tunnel space is used primarily for the production of sweet and hot peppers, as well as tomatoes and a limited amount of summer and winter squash. Future plans include adding high-tunnels to an expanded garden area.

The established orchard produces fruit such as apples, plums and tart cherries from small grafted trees, and several berry types. The fruit trees are varieties that were originally grafted by Claire Lammers, developer of Lammers’ orchard, which is located directly across the road from Arctic Roots Farm. Honeyberries, Saskatoon (or Service Berries), Chokecherries, Currants and Raspberries are produced in abundance during the summer. Honeyberries are available as early as mid-June, with other berries and fruit ripening throughout July and August.

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